Flash Back Friday

Flash back Friday…to when I actually wrote blog posts.




How sweet is this picture?  Radical.  80’s style.



I missed you guys!!!  I have absolutely no excuses regarding my absence from blog-ville.  Only that I’ve been a black/white girl a lot of my life.  All or nothing.  In or out.  What does this mean?  It means that if I set out to do something my brain automatically takes it to an extreme.


“I just had a really good marathon training run.  I think this means I should run an ultra.  And not a 50 mile ultra, but 100…no a 200 mile race.  Trail race.  yeah.  That’s what I’m doing.”  To be clear: I never ran a 200 mile Ultra.  Never say never, except for right now.  NEVER.

“4 years of college is good, so 5 is better and let’s tack on an additional 3 of law school just for the heeeeey of it.”   This I actually did.  And have the student loans to prove it. JOY!

“I love animals, and animals love me.  There are so many animals that need homes.  I should adopt some.  Maybe all of them.”  Thank goodness The Man has a level head on his broad shoulders, otherwise I’d be living like Ace Ventura right now.

“Cookies are good.  Cake is good.  Chocolate is good.  So I should eat only cookies, cake, and chocolate. For every meal.”  This happens less frequently now, but there was a time in college when I was known to subsist on one food for months at a time.  Ask  my Mom about the “Cream of Wheat Phase” in college.  I stand by that decision.

“I love to read blogs.  I should blog.  I should blog a lot.  I should blog three times a day.”  Yeah, obviously this didn’t pan out as I planned.

My point, dear reader?  That this sort of black and white thinking can lead us down the proverbial “rabbit hole”.  My hopes and goals always begin with the best of  intentions, but the execution of said hopes and goals is an entirely different ball game.  I think many high achievers–whether they be athletes, professional, parents, etc, are so susceptible to this mode of thinking because good is great, but great is better.

The last two years have been such a wonderful lesson in priorities, self-exploration, self-worth, and goal-setting for me.  I’ve learned to step back and realize that: a) “being perfect” doesn’t exist, and attempts to reach perfection are just going to end up in hurt and disappointment; b) black and white thinking only hurts my ultimate desires and goals; c) stepping back, realizing I can’t do everything and instead prioritizing and doing my best in that moment is enough.  Always has been, always will be.

So I’ll see you again.  Hopefully more frequently than not, and hopefully with fun and exciting news once in a while.  It won’t be perfect, but it will be ME…and that’ s more than enough.



Testy Tuesday #2

Happy Tuesday, everyone.  Hope this post finds you all healthy, happy, and ready to tackle the day.  I know I am :)

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means…Testy Tuesday!!  A chance for us to assess our general health knowledge.  Trust me, each week I do these quizzes, and each week I’m shocked, embarrassed, and worried about how much I don’t know.  So much of our health is within our control.  We can each take responsibility for our own health by increasing our knowledge as much as possible.  Knowledge is power!  (I wish Levar Burton could show up with the “Reading Rainbow” graphic and song right now…I feel like it would really drive the point home…)

11.25 3


OH MY GOSH- there he is!!!!  Sweet, sweet Levar.




Weekly Health Quiz (New York Times )

Alright, so I fared a little bit better this time than last, with a score of 6/8, though I must admit, I still cringe at the idea of not receiving a perfect score given that this is a healthy living blog, in part.  Some of the answers reeeeally surprised me, like the diabetes epidemic question (#1) and the economics/fertility question (#5).

Heart Health Quiz (Discovery Health)

Given that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, I thought this quiz more than relevant.  I scored on the average side – 14/20.  Upsetting because heart disease and high cholesterol run in my family and The Man’s.  Good thing I just did some homework.  I’m constantly reminded that no matter how much I think I know, I know hardly anything :)

Breast Cancer Awareness (Discovery  Health)

This quiz was designed by the American Cancer Society and Discovery Fit & Health for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  It shouldn’t be shock to anyone what an epidemic breast cancer is in our country, and one that is somewhat preventable.  Regular yearly exams and well-women check-ups, allow for early diagnosis and treatment.

I received a dismal score on this one: 3/8.  Quite a scare, given that several family members have received a breast cancer diagnosis.  The most shocking answer?  That the highest risk factors for a breast cancer diagnosis are not typical risk factors that would come to mind such as family history, smoking, or lumpy tissue.  Rather, the biggest factors for breast cancer are being a woman and growing older.

Okay friends, now it is your turn!!!  Take one, two, or all three and let me know how you did, or leave it in the comments section!

Have a fantastic day!!!


Maaaaaarvelous Monday!! MMIM #2

Well holy cow.  HELLO!!! I’ve missed you all terribly and am so excited to be back :)  As some of you know, I took a brief hiatus recently- I was laid off and was in the thick of job (and soul) searching.   Well, I am excited, elated, thrilled, nervous, and thankful to announce that I accepted an offer for a new position and I am starting TODAY!  This is officially the job I never knew I wanted- I have never felt the stars align as much as they have the past week of my life…almost like everything leading up to this point happened just to bring me to this place.

The even better news is that I can now officially call myself a “recovering attorney”.  WOO HOO!!!!  A lot of you know that this has been a change I’ve been longing to make for quite some time, so this is really exciting.  I will always be so grateful that I had the opportunity to go to law school and the chance to practice law, but I have never been more sure of something as I am of my desire to move forward and forge a new path.  Moving on!

Happy Monday…and you know what that means…another “Marvelous Monday”!  Thanks as always to the marvelous mommy Katie, who hosts this link up each week :)

9.24 6

Well the first and obviously marvelous part of my Monday is my new job!  As mentioned above, I start a new adventure today and can’t wait!!

The other marvelous parts of my Monday involves all the things I’ve been up to during my unemployment stint.  These include:

11.24 3 11.24 4

Baking random cakes.  I had extra time on my hands, guys.  And this translated to A LOT of pinterest exploration, which in turn led to random pumpkin and mustache cakes.  Oh, and a potential additional 5-10 pounds on both The Man and I.  Hallelujah for getting back to a regular schedule today!!!

11.24 2

Caffeine and wine.  Sometimes at the same time.   Look, caffeine can help your running.  Wine is good for your heart.  So basically, I was just being REALLY healthy.  And even more so in this picture, because I was partaking at the same time.  Just call me Dr. Oz, people.

11.24 5

Spending millions at Starbucks.  I’m not exactly sure why this is marvelous, but I purchased a lot of green juice, so that’s a plus.  Never mind that it costs $6 a pop.  It’s marvelous.

11.24 6

This guy.  I don’t know what I would have done without the support of my wonderful friends and family during this time.  Especially The Man.  His complete faith in me and my abilities was never failing- he reminded me every day that my situation was temporary and the perfect thing would come along.  He’s my rock, and I remind myself every day how lucky I am we found each other.  Oh, and he’s got a great tushy.

11.24 7

Elf for Health Challenge!  I am THRILLED to be joining Elle at Nutrtionella and Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean for the “Elf4Health” challenge, which starts today.  For the first two weeks, I’ve been paired up with the awesome Jessie at Peacefly Cooking and Living!  We’ll work together over the next two weeks to accomplish each goal.  **NOTE:  If you’d like to sign up for the challenge, you can still do so!  You will join the second Elf pairing in two weeks, and will work the first two weeks on your own :)  In the meantime, you can follow the group on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Heading into my new adventure today, I am reminded that I am so grateful for so much.  Have a MARVELOUS Monday and tell me all about it!!


Marvelous Monday

9.24 6

Hi there!  This Monday post is coming at you much later than normal, but I wanted to drop in and tell you what’s been marvelous in my world lately.  Thanks as always to Katie from Healthy Diva Eats, for hosting this MIMM link up each week! :)

I received some sad news on Friday- I was laid off.  I am so thankful for my wonderful family, friends, and of course, The Man. I just don’t know what I’d do without each of them.  There isn’t much to say at this point that wouldn’t sound trite, cliche, or contrived, so I thought for today, I’d do a generic photo dump so I could show you how marvelous things in my world were this past weekend despite everything.  I’ll be back tomorrow with more words :)  xoxo

9.24 9






9.24 8






9.24 7\





9.24 5





9.24 2






9.24 10






Run 9.24















Run 9.23








See you tomorrow friends, sleep well.

xoxo Erin :)

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!!!  Without any further delay, let’s get all up in some Friday Favorites!

1) This Coffee

FF 9.20 3







I went to Target for two things the other night.  What do you think happened?  I got a few more than two things.  Uuuugggh Target, how I loathe and love you at the same time.  One of the additional purchases was a bag of Pumpkin Spice coffee.  I should back up and explain that pumpkin and I have a complicated relationship.  For most of my life, I hated pumpkin. Specifically, pumpkin pie.  (Hold on, don’t freak out, I’ll redeem myself shortly).   But just like green olives, blue cheese, and capers, one day I woke up and realized what a ninny boo boo head (an actual medical condition) I had been all my life.  Now, I can’t get enough.  I may just start pouring pumpkin spice directly into my mouth.  This coffee is SO good…I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Go get some right now.  Right. Now.   AND they even have a bunch of decaf, so if you roll like that, Target is there for you.

2) These cupcakes

FF 9.20 4





Remember that little dinner party we had the other night, and the subsequent medical orders from The Man to eat some cupcakes to cure my ills?  See above.  Continuing on with my new love for all things pumpkin, I had originally planned on developing a gluten free pumpkin spice cookie recipe, but ran out of time.  Luckily, the store had a gluten free pumpkin spice cake mix, which I re-purposed into cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (drool, sluuurp) Let’s be honest, part of the reason I made these cupcakes was to buy the delicious candy pumpkins.  In my view, far superior to candy corn.

3) This nail polish

FF 9.20 1 FF 9.20 2







For years, Sissy Sr. and I have joked about the pictures you see in the window of every nail salon, with the twisted hand holding a rose or some other random object.  I did you all a favor and attempted to recreate, as I feel it really showcases the orange-ish (in line with the pumpkin love) polish.  And my man-hands (extra points if you got the “Seinfeld” reference.)   How did I do?  This polish actually came as part of my BirchBox this month, and I really liked it! I’ll give you a full rundown in my BirchBox review later this month :)

4) This jar of pickles












Look at that big beautiful jar of goodness.  I LOVE pickles.  I could easily eat that huge jar in one sitting.  I hear a lot of my other runner blogging friends talking about being “salty sweaters” and eating more salt as result.  Please note: I believe they are talking about having a high salt content in their perspiration, not wearing a sweater made of salt.  I don’t really know if I’m a “salty sweater”, but I will say I am in order to eat the entire jar of pickles over the course of the weekend.

5) This recipe








On Monday, one of my fav bloggers, Nut Butter Runner, posted this Quinoa Enchilada Bowl recipe.  I made this for The Man and I on Tuesday night, and it definitely lived up to my expectations.  It was yummy and we had leftovers, so I’ve enjoyed it for lunch for the last two days.  So listen to what I say and go make this recipe as soon as you can.  Do it.

Okay my little pumpkins (get it?)- have a GREAT Friday!!!  I’ll see you later for a recap.  :)


What are your feelings on pumpkin?

Do you prefer candy corn or candy pumpkins?

What was the last yummy recipe you tried?  Sharing is nice.



Cupcakes Heal Broken Bones

Did you know cupcakes possess magical powers?  It’s true.  My leg was hurting really badly after dinner, and The Man said “I think you need a cupcake.”  Where did this wonderful soul come from?!?  :)

As I mentioned yesterday, I ended up cutting my run short a few miles early because of some pretty yucky pain in my leg.  I was nervous for my run this morning, but I did some dynamic stretching with a slow warm up, and everything felt great. Slow, but great.

Run 9.19







8.21 miles with an average elevation gain and a 9:20/mile pace.   I had no pain during the run and made sure to take plenty of time to stretch/foam roll afterwards.  However, by the end of the day, I was in quite a bit of pain….when I began limping around and mentioned I may need to get an MRI if the pain doesn’t stop, The Man piped in with the genius cupcake idea.  I knew I picked a good one :)

I think the onset of pain toward the end of the day may be due in part to sitting in an office chair and not really moving for the majority of the day.  Goal going forward: move more throughout the day.  And eat cupcakes.  Lots of cupcakes.  When the purpose is to heal broken bones, cupcakes are pretty much the nutritional equivalent of eating broccoli.  It’s true.


Look!  Broccoli cupcakes!  Seriously!!!  I’m scared and excited at the same time!! Why am I using so many exclamation marks?!?!!!!!



So if you have one take away from this post, its clearly to eat more cupcakes.  Clearly.

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

:) Erin

Three Things Thursday

Oh heeeeeeeeeeeeeey :)  It’s almost Friday!!!






Today, we’re going to mix it up a bit and do “Three Things Thursday.”  Three things, of no particular importance, with no real relation to each other, in no particular order.  I’m wild, guys.  WILD.

1)  Today is “Talk Like a Pirate Day”

Seriously.  There is even an official website, which is a trip.  There is a “how to” section, and a pirate advice section.  I’m not going to ruin it for you- check it out.  For some reason whenever I try to do an Irish, Jamaican,  or German accent, I just sound like a Pirate, so I suppose I should really be soaking this day in.







2) Apparently I terrify children

When we had everyone over to our house last night, the kidlets and I were talking about Halloween.  Correction: we were squeaking with excitement.  After hearing what each kid was going to be for Halloween, we played “what should Auntie Erin be”.












Survey Says: I should be a Vampire or a Witch for Halloween.  Hmmmm.   I’m trying really hard not to read too much into this.  I mean, I was expecting something like “couch potato” or “big round pumpkin”, but not a terrifying monster that eats little children in the night.  It’s cool, apparently I’m big, mean, and scary.  I’m going to go fall of the Diet Coke wagon and drown myself in brown syrupy goodness.  Gaaaaah.

3)  Goals schmoals

Remember those lofty September Goals I drafted?  The list included doing yoga at least once per week, and strength training twice per week.   How do you think I’m doing?






Let’s hear it for trying to cram everything in the last two weeks of September!!! Hip hip…meh.  All jokes aside, I really do want to give it my all and reach those goals.  Really. Um, really.






That’s it for Three Things Thursday.  I hope you learned something or enjoyed hearing about things you’ll never need to know or use in any productive way.

See you later with a recap!

:) Erin